The Flying Trunk
(40X30 cm) 1997

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The idea behind this wonderful fairy-tale is fabulous, as H.C. Andersen anticipates the "flying age" that we live in today. When he wrote the fairy-tale in 1839 nobody would have imagined, that the "flying age" would become a reality some centuries later. 

The same fantasies are present in Grimm's Tales "1001 Nights Adventures" that were written hundreds of years earlier. But H.C. Andersen saw this development just before it became a reality.

I did not chang the motif that much when I modernized it. I turned the trunk into a car turned upsite down. I didn't want to turn the trunk into an airplane, as I wanted to express the preposterous idea that things can have other functions than they were meant to have.

Additionally, you can see parabolantennes on the roofs.




 Den flyvende kuffert