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About Erik Bagge and his art
Erik Bagge  

Erik Bagge describes himself as a "laboratory painter". His current style was developed as he became interested in the global issues concerning pollution, chemicals in food and chemical warfare etc. Lately he has attacked the corrupting power, financial greed and the excessive obsession of gambling.

He draws and paints to give his (critical) contribution of the society we live in. He does it with pictures, because they talk to us in a way that writing and speech cannot do.

The images are harsch, but the colours are harmonic, the curved lines rhythmical and the absurdity in the images provide a soothing and for some, a humorous appeal. That is life, and it has always been like that. But we should not just watch and resign ourselves to it. We have to face the facts and fight against the destruction in order to preserve a balance in life.

His latest chapter is his interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's faitytales, directed at an adult audience. Like salt permeates and preserves everything, so does the humour of Hans Christian Andersen keep his fairytales equally fresh and topical for all generations.

Erik Bagge prefers to express himself on paper with a mixture of ink, watercolours, crayon, colourpencil etc.

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